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Welcome all Guild members and Allies please feel free to post on any section you have something to say in, and as well make a account specify your characters, guild, raid time's ( you can do), and anything else you feel can be useful or want other's to know.

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Great Work Everyone

Parcucio, Dec 27, 11 12:27 PM.
We been doing well on the level's and all we need to see more groups and work together more, also I know how it is in the game but everyone can talk from time to time and match up quest they are on, flashpoints they need to finish, thing's of that nature to spark up some interaction between guildies. If you need me I've been tryin to be there as much as I can for everyone with tryin to play the game myself as well. 

New plan soon to come : Alot of us didn't want to be involved in PvP so we're on a PvE server but we can group together in a warzone and we can massacre the imp's because as a guild we can learn each other's play styles, teamwork will be a winning factor for us and it's all in due time ofcourse the first few time's we won't probally win but within a matter of a few warzones we should have a plan down and run one like champions, I look forward to seeing you in game and everyone have a great new year

Datacron Locations

Parcucio, Dec 27, 11 12:10 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Parcucio, Dec 20, 11 11:19 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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